platform-camel-core upgraded to camel-2.0-m2

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platform-camel-core upgraded to camel-2.0-m2

In the ipf-2.0-experimental branch

you can find a first running version of platform-camel-core with
camel-2.0-m2. Please note that all other IPF components that depend on
Camel 2.0-m2 are currently excluded from the build. I took some notes in
the Wiki:

which will be the basis for an IPF 2.0 upgrade guide.

The next steps are:

- Work on to-dos for platform-camel-core such as renaming the model
classes ...
- Continue upgrading the other IPF components (contributions welcome
here! ... and for the following steps). I'll continue with
platform-camel-flow. This will be done on the ipf-2.0-experimental branch.
- Release IPF 1.7-m2 and create an ipf-1.7 development branch from it.
IPF 1.x development continues on the branch after the 1.7-m2 release.
- Merge the changes from the ipf-2.0-experimental branch to trunk. IPF
2.0 development continues on the trunk after the 1.7-m2 release.
- Make changes to the IPF source tree (separate post to follow)
- Upgrade to final Camel 2.0.0 on the IPF 2.0 trunk

Please let me know if you see any issues with this approach.


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