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New IPF 2.x Wiki space

Dear IPF users and developers,

there's a new IPF 2.x Wiki space in addition to the existing IPF 1.x
Wiki space:

IPF 2.x:
IPF 1.x:

In its current state the IPF 2.x space is a copy of the IPF 1.x space
and will be changed from now on the cover the latest development efforts
in IPF 2.0. We expect the first complete update of the page by beginning
of next month (October). As always, any contributions here are highly
welcome. Depending on which IPF development line you're working (IPF 1.x
and/or IPF 2.x) use the appropriate space(s) to update the documentation.

The first post-modifications I did to these to the spaces are:

IPF 1.x post-modifications:
- Remove all documentation drafts (they are available only in the IPF
2.x space)

IPF 2.x post-modifications:
- Remove all IPF 1.x release notes

The default space when going to is still IPF
1.x but this will change as soon IPF 2.0-m1 is out and the docu has been

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